On Our Own Services, Inc. was formed in 1991 as an employment service for persons with disabilities. We started with 17 part time employees including our current Director and Program Manager.

In November later that year On Our Own began a janitorial contract for a Rest Area in Bay Town. This was our first contract in janitorial services.

On April 15, 1992 On Our Own began litter operations for Harris, Galveston, and Brazoria counties. In one day the number of our employees went from 53 to 157.

In May of 1992 On Our Own began janitorial and custodial operations in Dallas and the surrounding areas.

In July of 1992 On Our Own began janitorial and landscaping services for Texas Department of Transportation in various areas around the state.

On our Own has maintained a litter pick up contract with the City of Houston since 1994. We started with one crew and have had as many as 4 litter crews at a time with 15 people each.

On Our Own Services, Inc. currently holds contracts in the Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas regions. We currently employ over 200 persons living with disabilities in the state of Texas.