Our Mission

Disabled individuals want and deserve the right to employment and the chance to become productive members of our Communities. At On Our Own Services we do not “DO” for them we give them the skills to “DO” for themselves. Statistics have proven that disabled individuals have better job performance; less missed days, lower rates of on the job injuries and longer time on the same job.  

Because too many disabled individuals in the United State are unemployed or underemployed we work with NISH (Federal “Ability One” Program) and TIBH (Texas “Works Wonders “ Program) to obtain contracts so that we may continue to expand the employment and training opportunities we offer. After years of hard work and demonstrating that our employees could out perform the services we were the was the first CRP in the nation to be awarded a Full Facilities Maintenance contract for Interstate Safety Rest Areas. This and other similar opportunities have enabled us to increase the skill level of our employees as well as pay a higher wage.